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January 10, 2020
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January 13, 2020

Hope for more dynamic Catholics

Q: Archbishop J, why a Christmas book giveaway?

Many people were very surprised by the Christmas book giveaway. They had not experienced a Christmas gift like this one from the Church before. The point: to give a gift that offers each family a way to deepen their relationship with Christ, or rather to offer Christ anew at Christmas.

One person said it brought back memories of childhood and a family tradition: “I started to read this morning, the book that you gave to all families. What a wonderful gesture! That one gesture has such a profound message for me. It said that we are all just one family. One Catholic family. It reminded me of when we were children, my parents would give all of us an identical gift in addition to whatever else they gave us individually. It was something small but significant. It caused problems too when somebody lost or broke theirs and decided to replace it with a sibling’s gift. I’m looking forward to the wonderful work that we have to do next year [2020]. It’s an exciting time for us in the Church. I appreciate being a part of it.”

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