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December 17, 2019
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December 19, 2019

What does your Advent checklist look like?

Christmas Eve (December 24) marks the end of the season of Advent. Here are five things to consider when reflecting whether your Advent has been a fruitful one!

As Christians, sometimes in the busyness of our lives we become so caught up that we lose track of the season that the Church is celebrating and its significance in the development and growth of our faith and relationship with God. This is especially true for the Advent season since Christmas has become so commercialised and culturally, our society becomes preoccupied with the brunches, luncheons, dinners, staff parties, gift exchanges and even the housework. Because of this, some of us might be behind in our Advent journey. If you are one such person, like me, it’s not too late to start.
I want to offer you five (5) ways to you can still try to experience a fruitful advent!
1. Reflection
We know that Advent is a season of preparation for Jesus’ entry into history, but where do we want Him to come into? What area(s) of our life do we require His love, grace or mercy?
Perhaps, you may need the grace to forgive some deep-seated hurt and pain caused by a loved one, or you might be struggling to forgive yourself for something you did that betrayed your core values. It may be you just really need to find the grace to be disciplined in managing your lifestyle as it relates to your diet and/ or exercise routine.
Take some quiet time to reflect on these areas and be honest with yourself because Advent is not only about Jesus coming to the faithful, but it is also a personal and intimate journey between you and God. Do it for yourself!

Jodel Lutchman reflects on the four themes of Advent at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Port of Spain

2. Prayer
You have already thought about the areas in which you need His help, now actively invite Him into those spaces. This conscious effort to pray does not require hours of prayer, but rather quality and sincere prayer. Add just ten minutes more to your usual prayer routine if you already have one. Also, take maybe thirty (30) minutes and spend it before the Lord at Eucharistic Adoration and offer up your prayers here – see Him standing before you and welcome Him into those areas identified previously.

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