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Diamond jubilee for SJCPOS Class of ’59

Forty-three graduates of the class of 1959, St Joseph’s Convent (POS) gathered at the Assumption Church, Maraval to celebrate their Diamond Jubilee on October 27. They had met over the years for all significant milestones. The last was their 50th anniversary.

Two of their former teachers were present: Marlene Noel-Davis and Rhona Hunte-Baptiste.

The event was spearheaded by Gwen Lalsingh, Chin Cheong-Joseph, Martiza Pantin-Hee Hong and Beatrice Baeddoe-Mc Shine. The graduates joined with the Assumption parish to attend Mass. Special seats were reserved.

The celebrant was Fr Ashton Pierre CSSp, and, in his homily, he noted that this class of 1959 had two nuns present, Srs Annette Chow SJC and Catherine Therese McComie OP. He hoped that the Confirmation class who were present would follow in the graduates’ footsteps.

The choir was conducted by our graduate Juliet Littlepage-Eckel who rendered the ‘Ave Maria’ at the mediation. We also were blessed to have the voice of Wendell Constantine.

The parish hall at Assumption was opened to us for refreshments, which was followed by a luncheon at Jaffa restaurant.

The highlight of the afternoon was the modelling of old school uniforms: the blue overall with white inner blouse was modelled by Rhona Hunte-Baptiste, as well as the games overall, white dress uniform and kitchen. These uniforms were reproduced for our 25th anniversary in 1984.

After the luncheon, the names of the graduates who had died were solemnly read out and remembered. A wonderful day was had by all.

—Sr Catherine Therese McComie OP