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December 6, 2019
Football, cricket need to buck up
December 6, 2019

Make it an ‘extra’ Advent

“Children gather ‘round today, waiting for Jesus. Come let’s sing a song and pray, waiting for Jesus. Light the candles one by one, as we wait on God’s own Son, Children gather ‘round today, waiting for Jesus.”

During the season of Advent, before the school term ended for the Christmas vacation, this was one of the many Advent hymns I remember singing with the students during the morning assembly. They would always be reminded of what was expected of them as they “waited for Jesus”.

Viewing Trinity TV’s Holy Mass on the first Sunday of Advent, I was reminded of this as I listened to Fr Anthony de Verteuil’s homily on how we should prepare ourselves during the season of Advent as we “waited” for Jesus. He also provided some historical facts about the ancient way and today’s celebration of the season.

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