Make it an ‘extra’ Advent
December 6, 2019
Behind prison walls, Advent lives
December 6, 2019

Football, cricket need to buck up

The youngsters who participate in any of the top sports in T&T have often been known to make remarks about old-stagers like myself such as “you guys are old-timers and know nothing about today’s sport”.

Funnily, this comment is now very acceptable to all of us, just because young and old have witnessed different levels of the major sport. The veterans are able to have compared different eras especially when they are in their 60s and 80s, while the youngsters are witnessing the current quality of performances by judging where fans who support the clubs, leagues, or national teams, are disappointed.

To raise a discussion on the topic, will not assist those who are aspiring to become comparable to what they are seeing on the TV in the outside world. The end line is that on the field displays where cricket and football have been played at all levels, the picture has not portrayed the excellent visions of either sport which were witnessed in what was demonstrated by some of the finest athletes in the world.

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