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December 5, 2019
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December 5, 2019

Princes Town RC reopens after fire

Photo courtesy MP Dr Lovell Francis

The Princes Town RC school reopened November 25 after repairs on areas damaged by fire September 26.  There was some minor work on the first day of classes that ended the project.

The fire in September destroyed the basement with the computer room, a stock room and the ground level which housed First Year and Second Year classes. There was water damage to these areas and a Standard One classroom after the fire was extinguished.

Most pupils were present for resumption of classes and all staff reported for duty. Representatives of the Occupational Safety and Health Agency visited, and the school was advised to clean windows and wipe the desks again.

Although power washing and sanitising had taken place, there was still dust in some places which caused parents to criticise the opening via television and print media. Some chose to take their children home. A television news report showed children wearing dust masks.

Although the school’s computer room was refurbished, the Catholic News was informed new computers are needed to replace the 15 lost in the fire.  The school also needs wall fans and furniture. —LPG