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Should Catholics celebrate Halloween?

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The Catholic News spoke with Deacon Harold Woodroffe on the topic of Halloween whether Catholics should participate in the “celebration”. He said Halloween was not something he supported and for a long time have not gotten involved with. Despite it also being called All Saints Eve, Deacon Woodroffe feels the culture today has strayed so far from the origins of Halloween and what it means to the Church.

“The overtones that exist even for those who say it’s “okay” is questionable. Today, the way Halloween stresses upon witches and the demonic has coloured what it was intended to be. In the world today there are messages we send knowingly and unknowingly. Whether Catholic or not what messages are we sending when we say we “celebrate Halloween?”

He added, I think we always need to look closely at what we say we are supporting. As Christians let us strive not to send mixed messages where persons have to question what and whom is it we truly support.

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