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October 22, 2019
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October 24, 2019

Become witnesses to all

Challenge put to teens at CCR Youth Rally

While on earth, Jesus delivered many messages as a call to mission and it is important that we understand His messages speak to the present, not the past.
Fr Steve Ransome emphasised this during his address to an auditorium filled with young people who attended the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Youth Rally on Saturday, October 19 at Trinity College East, Trincity.
Fr Ransome’s talk was guided by the scripture reading from Acts 1:8 “You will receive the power of the Holy Spirit which will come on you, and then you will be my witnesses not only in Jerusalem but throughout Judaea and Samaria, and indeed to earth’s remotest end”.
To the young people Fr Ransome said, “You must listen to the last words of anybody because they will choose their words wisely. Jesus chose His words carefully to His apostles knowing He was leaving them as He prepared to ascend to the Father.”
He added, “Jesus asked the apostles to take that Word for the rest of their lives and mission as he asks you today.”
On the cliché, ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same way’, Fr Ransome explained, “The more we think things are changing, transforming and evolving, God wants us to know certain things must endure.”
He called to mind the many changes taking place in the midst of the apostles while Jesus suffered prosecution and ridicule. The apostles no longer saw the glorious ending but rather death and destruction.
“God reminds us, the apostles did not have it easy having seen their saviour humiliated, spat on and eventual death on the Cross,” Fr Ransome said.
“Often, we continuously look for Christ to do something glorious and marvellous for us by transforming day-to-day situations, all the while believing that journeying with Him and initiating into the Church all will be well.” However, Fr Ransome said, God is fully aware of the creeping feelings of despair, despondency and depression.

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