Akini’s Steel Determination
October 19, 2019
The facts about the stats
October 19, 2019

Cultivating a Eucharistic Heart

In the US a recent survey revealed that only 26 per cent of Catholics under 40 believe in the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Here in T&T and indeed the Caribbean, though we may not have those statistics, those that we do have indicate Mass attendance is severely down among Catholics. What speaks to this continuous haemorrhaging of the Body of Christ in the Church?

Perhaps it is because so many of us attend Mass expecting to get something, but our hearts and minds are not prepared for the encounter. Holy Mass is participation in, with and through the Body of Christ that leads to a fuller relationship and unmitigated joy in the encounter with our Lord in our walk in everyday life.

Joy springs from thanksgiving. I discovered this years ago when I found myself living a joyless life though at the time, I thought I had faith and attended Mass regularly. I had almost everything; yet I had nothing.

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