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October 3, 2019
Nine-churches pilgrimage to St Lucia
October 3, 2019

Seeking God’s vision for the people

Archbishop Jason Gordon concludes his examination of homiletics

When we stand before God’s people in liturgy, we stand naked spiritually. We stand in persona Christi in the consummation of the marriage between Christ and His bride. We do not even have a fig leaf to hide our shame.
People know if we have the goods or not. They know if we are careerists or men of God. They know if we have depth or ambition. They know if we are pastors or bureaucrats.

“When preaching takes place within the context of the liturgy, it is part of the offering made to the Father and a mediation of the grace which Christ pours out during the celebration. This context demands that preaching should guide the assembly, and the preacher, to a life-changing communion with Christ in the Eucharist.” (138, Evangelii Gaudium)

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