Spreading the joy of the gospel
September 26, 2019
September 26, 2019

New vision, new mission

When in 1976, Dr Eric Williams led our republic towards a parliamentary democracy and set this country ablaze on a mission, steeped in the belief that this nation’s children carry the future of Trinidad and Tobago in their schoolbags, did we place so much value on the mission of education that we amplified the weight of the bookbag?

Fast forward to 2019, when the Ministry of Education (MOE), in collaboration with several stakeholders conducted an investigation into the weight of schoolbags in primary and secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago leading its Chief Education Officer to conclude that many students, especially at the primary level, were carrying bags above the recommended threshold of 15 per cent of their bodyweight.

Among the key findings of this recent investigation was that most students, at both primary and secondary levels, carried their schoolbags incorrectly and experienced pain or discomfort.

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