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September 13, 2019
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September 18, 2019

Embrace the Cross of Christ – Archbishop to four new priests

As he spoke at the latest ordination of four priests on Saturday, September 14 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon described the current era of the Church as “a time of desert. It is a time where we have experienced incredible drought. It is a time where we have had a moment of the Church where the Church has gone through her own trials and challenges.” Clearly there was some relief in the drought as the packed cathedral constantly bloomed with enthusiastic applause for the four men taking their steps into the priesthood.

The Archbishop noted that the ordination of Deacons Mikkel Trestrail, Kwesi Alleyne, Stephan Alexander and Kenwyn Sylvester was the third largest in local Church history.
He spoke about the naivety and optimism that characterised the Church in previous years. Since then he explained, “We have raised a generation of young people who do not understand the Cross of Jesus Christ”. He added, “We have gone through a generation where we as priests, bishops, Church, religious— we have not put the Cross of Christ centre and square of the preaching of the gospel of the living of the faith and of the Catholic way of which we are the heralds and the stewards because we’ve chosen the easy way out, because we’ve chosen the soft options, because we’ve chosen comfort and privilege and prestige above the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ve gone into the wilderness as a Church.”

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