Celebrating diversity
September 6, 2019
Climate change and the Amazon
September 6, 2019

A society doing its own thing

By Vernon Khelawan

Gerry Pemberton, a regular reader of this column, responded to the Morality in Public Affairs matter I wrote about two weeks ago (CN August 25 issue), but he went deeper into the issue. He wrote, “At the time Dr Williams expressed his vision of the future, he knew our needs were beyond our capacity for the time being. He knew that the means available were scarce but could be expanded with education and cooperation.”

Continuing, Pemberton said, “He (Dr Williams) knew we had to organise our human behaviour to suit our conditions to prepare for a bright future. Morality in Public Affairs was a necessity. There was no ‘politics’ in that. Without that doctrine of national discipline and cooperation there would be no lasting progress towards social justice.

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