August 30, 2019
22nd Sunday in OT (C)
August 30, 2019

The road we take

Q: Archbishop J, are we independent yet?

Independence, like emancipation, is a work in progress. Sometimes we are on target and, at other times, we lose our way. The question is, what are we independent from? Do we have a vision or aspiration for an independent Trinidad and Tobago? Do we have a collective desire that we are working towards?

Alice in Wonderland arrived at a crossroad. There were several options. She saw a Cheshire cat and asked for help, “Sir,” said Alice, “which road should I take”? “It depends,” said the cat, “upon where you want to go”. “I do not know where I want to go,” said Alice. “Then any road is as good as the other” said the cat.

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