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August 30, 2019
Help for church recovering from ‘Ivan’
August 30, 2019

Form and function of liturgical music

As we prepare for weekend liturgies, it is important that we pay closer attention to our music selections. The following lets us look at music and its function in the celebration.

The concept of Ministerial Function (in Latin munus ministeriale) is a key one in Liturgy.  By it we recognise that the persons, elements, chant, words and movements in the Liturgy are all at the service (and therefore ministerial) of the Word of God and God’s saving action towards humankind.

We recognise also that each has its function which helps us to understand that we are all parts of the Body of Christ in celebrating the Liturgy; and, in a practical way, such recognition helps enormously in preparing liturgies without clutter or confusion.

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