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August 8, 2019
For the common good—St Dominic’s, Penal
August 8, 2019

More than medicinal help at Carmelite clinic

The Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters will celebrate their centenary of arrival in Trinidad in November. This is Part Three of the history of the Order. Part One appeared in the June 9 issue; Part Two in the July 14 issue.

One thing the cloisters lacked, the sisters decided, was plants and flowers. They secured those and then put the old people in charge of caring for them. This worked like a charm; soon there was a spirited rivalry as to who could grow the best plants and the largest flowers.

They had found the old women dressed in sombre dark clothes and by this time they knew that Trinidadians loved white and bright colours. They asked the stores for old pieces of cloth and were sent quantities of brightly coloured prints. A group of ladies known as the Trinidadian Society came to the convent once a week and sat in the community room cutting and sewing the long dresses with trains which the creole women loved.

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