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August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019

Is surrogacy an option?


Archbishop Kenneth Richards of Kingston is concerned about the amount of sperm and eggs that could be wasted before and after in vitro fertilisation, which could have been potential children. He said that the Church does not advocate and accommodate means of procreation such as in vitro fertilisation, because what it does is make the process of procreation impersonal. Life is being created in a lab instead of in a womb between two persons, and then you are inviting in a third party—a surrogate— “which complicates it”, Richards said, according to diocesan weekly, The Gleaner.

He said persons who have been trying and are unable to conceive should try adoption, adding that surrogacy is complex and persons were not thinking about the consequences. The Archbishop said ethically and morally, the Church is against the practice of surrogacy.

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