Getting in on the 20 per cent
July 24, 2019
‘PLAY like Raymond did’
July 25, 2019

Why self-care is the secret to getting closer to God

Forgetting to properly take care of myself is my number one occasion of sin.

“I keep confessing the same sins,” I admitted to the priest. It’s true. My confessions are always, depressingly, identical.Well, I got through to the Act of Contrition, which is my favorite part. I’m done talking about my sins, and now I get to say that powerful, somewhat frightening line: “I firmly resolve, with the help of thy grace … ” (I love that. No matter how strong my resolve is, ain’t nothing happening without grace) ”… to sin no more, and to avoid the near occasion of sin.”

As I heard myself say it, something clicked. “Near occasion of sin?” No wonder I keep tripping over the same stuff!

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