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July 20, 2019
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July 23, 2019

The virtue of Mary Magdalene that we desperately need today

The article was originally published by Aleteia and re-published with permission

This great saint displayed a quality to ponder and emulate.

There are a number friends from the past with whom I don’t hang out anymore. I wish we still saw each other, but life, distance, and changing priorities have gotten in the way. I understand this, but looking back, it’s still kind of shocking how many old friends have disappeared, and how many people drift in and out of our lives. Sometimes I wonder what happened that we fell out of touch … Is it my fault? I’m sure it is, at least partially. I could have tried harder; I could have called or written. Instead, I got distracted.Some of the excuses we make for lost friendships are legitimate — new jobs, moves to new cities, and raising children can rearrange situations quickly. I do worry, though, that we treat friendships too casually and are quick to shrug our shoulders and move on. Whether we have much in common anymore or not, I’d love to see old friends again.

Society is so mobile now. We move to new places, we change jobs, and we rearrange our social circles as easily as blinking an eye. Whatever relationships have been built in the current place will be abandoned. The last time I moved to a new city I cried and promised myself I’d never move again because it hurts too much to leave behind places, friends, and memories. It tears me up inside that I cannot be home to all the people and places for whom I wish to be home. We may deceive ourselves about our friendships, promising that we’ll stay in touch online. But friends are easy-come easy-go on the internet as we drift in and out of social networks.

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