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July 4, 2019
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July 4, 2019

Sealed, marked with the Holy Spirit

The Sacrament of Confirmation was conferred upon 23 candidates on Saturday, June 8 at the Sacred Heart Parish, La Brea by Bishop Emeritus Malcolm Galt.

To share her reflections on the journey at the end of Holy Mass, the candidate chosen for the task, Kernique Marshall, commenced with this joke: three clerics, a Lutheran, a Presbyterian and a Catholic were discussing a situation they faced with pigeons in their church roofs and the difficulty in getting rid of them. The Catholic priest shared he had no problems. He was able to get rid of them. When asked what he did, he replied, “I confirmed them!”.

After the laughter subsided, she informed the congregation that even though it is the general consensus that candidates treat the receiving of this Sacrament of Confirmation as a graduation, she and her peers have vowed to prove this sentiment incorrect. For them she stated, it was a beginning, to take up the responsibility of owning their faith by their involvement in the work in the vineyard.

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