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June 28, 2019
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July 1, 2019

We too can help keep it clean

Driving behind a vehicle recently, I observed someone in the passenger seat throw out garbage—it looked like crumpled paper, probably napkins and wrappers—through the window onto the side of the road. I got so upset and my anger grew all the more when sailing through the window came a plastic water bottle which rolled into the drain at the side of the road.

This we will admit is a common practice in our society, even in the face of all the education and information about the ills of littering and the results of indiscriminate dumping of garbage.

Citizens in communities across the nation, where suffering and hardship were experienced as a result of the catastrophic flooding last year can testify to this, since it was determined that one of the contributing factors to the situation was the number of plastic bottles and other garbage that clogged our drains and other watercourses.

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