Rooted in Christ
June 27, 2019
One Caribbean Church, one people
June 27, 2019

Inconvenient Charity

Discipleship is hard and may be costly. Living out Christian values often presents us, individually and collectively, with tough choices, and the choices we face sometimes are not clearly between good and evil.

The choices can be between our self-interest and inconvenient charity. Take for example the responses we have seen with respect to the Venezuelan migrants. A range of arguments have been adduced to support the view that we should not accommodate them.

“They will out-compete locals for jobs”; “We are not as welcoming to refugees from Africa, Haiti or other Caribbean territories, so why should we treat the Venezuelans better?”; “They will eventually be registered to vote and could change the electoral balance of power in some constituencies”;  “They are bringing guns and will contribute to worsening gang violence”.

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