Learning to ride—A single father’s reflection
June 14, 2019
Our daddies who art on Earth
June 14, 2019

Plenty fathers, need more dads

Q: Archbishop J, is fatherhood undervalued in today’s family?

I meet many men who make significant sacrifices for their children. When I enquire about their experience of being fathered, I learn most of them have had bad experiences. They are giving their children what they have never experienced. This is heroic and commendable. This strength of character and perseverance needs to be acknowledged, supported and praised.

In a discussion about fathers, one young man, filled with emotion, said: “There are plenty fathers around, what we do not have are daddies.” A daddy is one who is present physically and emotionally; he makes sacrifices for his wife and children, putting their needs before his. He learns, usually by trial and error to love in a sacrificial way and to give what he himself never received.

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