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May 17, 2019
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May 21, 2019

Mary, our Queen Mother

Q: Archbishop J, La Divina Pastora—Is Mary a god?

Mary is not God! She is not part of the Trinity! She is not a god! She is truly human like you and me, except she was conceived without sin, like Eve before the Fall. Of Jesus we say in the creed on Sunday—true God, true man, begotten not made. Of Mary, we say, true human, made, part of the creation.

It is important, then, that in our Marian devotions we do not slip into idolatry, making Mary into a god or goddess. It is also important that we give Mary her rightful place which is in Heaven. The doctrine of the Assumption says that the body of Mary was assumed into Heaven. Thus, Mary is in Heaven in bodily form. Not part of the Trinity, but the first human that is part of the heavenly court.

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