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April 27, 2019
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April 27, 2019

Promote a cavity free Easter

Holidays involve some indulgence. This is especially true for Easter, possibly the sweetest holiday of the year, where children tuck into chocolate and candy treats courtesy the Easter Rabbit. Writer/Media Relations Officer Kaelanne Jordan spoke to Paediatric Dentist Dr Karly Francis at her Trinidad Children’s Dentistry office, on the importance of dental hygiene and how parents can stop the sweet feast from damaging theirchild’s teeth and gums.

Why is developing good oral hygiene important?

It sets the tone for when you are going to take care of your mouth when you have adult teeth. So, if you don’t take good care of your baby teeth and you don’t learn to do it from the start, then you can’t take care of your permanent teeth either. And you know baby teeth last really long, until you’re 12 years old, so it’s really important to take care of them.

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