4 Signs you might not be ready for Easter (but there’s still time!)
April 17, 2019
Thank you and farewell, Fr Baskar
April 18, 2019

No Good Friday lasts forever

No Good Friday lasts forever, there will always be a Resurrection Sunday. That is the hope we carry as Easter people, that not even death could contain the Light of the World.

It is a hope we carry today even as we recognise the many areas of darkness present in our country. Our economy is not doing too well, the level of criminality is still unacceptable, and as political activity increases in anticipation of Local Government Elections, the perennial bogey of racial intolerance rises to confront us again.

Even within the confines of our Universal Church there are those who have broken the sacred trust reposed in them and contributed to the darkness. To dwell here though is to stand guard over an empty tomb, protecting that which we could never fully comprehend, while those who can, seemingly have no inclination to explain.

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