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April 5, 2019
A litany for Pat
April 5, 2019

Casting the real demons out

There has been increasing talk these days about demons and spiritual warfare. The woes of our country, especially sexual abuse and gang violence, are seen as the work of the devil. We should find this analysis hasty and questionable.

One does not at all doubt the existence of the devil. The gospels are replete with exorcisms. The problem is not the devil but how much we think the devil is responsible for. And he is probably feeling quite nice that he is being blamed for more than his fair share. What we attribute to the devil may have purely socio-economic roots with attendant psychological dysfunction.

The writer of this editorial spoke to a trauma counsellor who said there was a boy in front of him behaving as if he was possessed by demons. He did not take the bait. He probed and probed and found the boy had enormous trauma in his life. He made many sounds like animals but he also discovered that the boy was treated like an animal in his everyday life. After much counselling the ‘demons’ left.

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