Fr Keith passes, ‘great loss’ to diocese
March 28, 2019
Lessons from a father and two sons
March 28, 2019

4th Sunday of Lent (C)

The Restorative Mercy of God. LUKE 15:1–3, 11–32

This fourth Sunday of Lent for cycle C, we are given the popular parable of the Prodigal Son or as some call it, the Prodigal Father. Jesus gave this parable in response to the disapproval from the Pharisees and scribes concerning Jesus’ acceptance of those considered public sinners (tax collectors and others), in order to give a glimpse of how the mercy of God operates.

The story is about a father with two sons. It is understood that the father had done his duty by the standards of the Jewish community. He had worked to provide a future for his children; he had established a good life not only for himself but for those whom he loved. Yet, it would seem that neither of his children fully understood or appreciated the depth of their father’s love.

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