Living to be a priest – Fr Makhan part 2
March 16, 2019
Church land for Bethesda
March 16, 2019

Living Lent after the ashes

Long after the ashes have been wiped from our foreheads we are still called upon to live out our Lenten journey, for it is in those days that we will experience the temptations to satisfy our various hungers with temporal and temporary food, the temptations to believe in our own power and authority, and the temptations to be less than we are called to be.

It is then we will need to recall that though the ashes on our foreheads symbolised our sinfulness, the cross traced with it remains forever the means to our salvation.

The gospel passage today invites us to share in the glory that is the Transfigured Christ, and challenges us as well to come down from the mountain and live out daily the meaning of that transfiguration.

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