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March 9, 2019
How about a Lenten detox?
March 9, 2019

Connect. Restore. Change. It’s Lent.

Catholics are people of great faith and activities such as pilgrimages and attendance at night missions or special prayer services are not expected to suffer from lack of participation despite the state of the country. As a matter of fact, such activities might even do better, because Trinidad and Tobago needs as much prayers as it could get, given the crossroads it is now facing.

It is difficult to imagine that as faith-filled Catholics, we would abandon our traditional penitential services and activities just because of our crime-ridden situation. We must be stronger than that. This year there should be an even greater effort to encourage more active participation in all Lenten devotions. We should not settle for going through the season simply promising to abstain from some of the activities we enjoy.

Usually, Lenten activities see more of the older crowd in attendance with a smattering of the younger generations. Greater attendance at the Lenten missions in our churches is sorely needed, so recruitment is necessary. Let us all make serious attempts to bring out our families, friends and neighbours to take part in these penitential services, so vital to our faith.

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