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March 3, 2019
The rhythm and routine of prayer
March 3, 2019

WI on the up!

Stand-in captain Kraigg Brathwaite lacked decisiveness in a most challenging task.

THE cricketers of the West Indies (WI) have certainly been showing a big improvement in their approach to the game.  I haven’t seen the team play so positively for many years. They still have a way to go to be recognised as a professional international team but at least their cricket is improving, so there is something to trigger hope.

I have given the credit to the captain Jason Holder whose disposition and personality has never been in doubt. However, after suffering through the past four years when at 23 years of age he felt he didn’t deserve a pick on the team plus not having the confidence of players to support him, he has now, at 27, emerged smelling of roses!

I wrote before that the reason for this is the improvement over the past year in his personal performances which has also built his self-confidence hence the self-assurance to lead. This is reflected in his team’s demeanour. Getting rid of a couple of bad influences also would have given Holder a boost in his capability to lead.

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