Quota fills a need
February 15, 2019
Addressing the plague of human trafficking
February 15, 2019

Wake up my people!  

WE ARE ONLY HALFWAY IN MONTH TWO of a new year and already the bad news abounds. The murder toll continues to rise 67 in 43 days (at the time of writing); a police officer (among others) arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a 24-year-old Venezuelan woman; robberies of tourists in Tobago; violent crime and murders ‘in grap’— five one day, three another—almost as if we’ve gone to pick coconuts.

In the midst of all the local bad news, our neighbour’s house in Venezuela is almost literally on fire. Instead of finding ways to help Venezuelan refugees, some among us are plotting to find new ways to exploit and demean them.

Just look at the daily news. It’s no longer simply a case of xenophobia against the ‘Vennies’, but the interaction has now extended to some exploiting them as sex slaves.

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