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February 9, 2019
Let’s all work for unity
February 9, 2019

A Carnival skit that gets real with our youth

He probably held his breath when ‘Shenaynay’ said that he was the ‘Daddy’ of the little one in her womb.

In a skit on Carnival, one young man of an all-boys’ school was brave enough to act out getting involved with a woman in a ‘little’ Carnival costume. He smiled and examined the picture I held in my hand as I pretended to be her jumping up in a pretend-Carnival band.

She/I skirted around but kept her/my eyes on him and eventually introduced herself/myself as ‘Shenaynay’ in between taking sips of alcohol straight from the bottle. He looked at the bottle; he looked at me with the picture and the bottle but he was happy to meet her.

Shenaynay commented that where we were in the band (in front of over 100 young men in reality) was so noisy (the boys were screaming and laughing all trying to get a good look at the very attractive, yet scantily dressed model in the picture). She suggested they go somewhere quiet where they could be alone.

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