Duane Jnr out to defend Junior Calypso Monarch title*
January 28, 2019
Bishop Llanos’ installation today
February 2, 2019

More than a few good men

In our Caribbean matriarchal society, decent men are often given short shrift. Many women say: “The only good man is a dead man”. This runs against the tide of many decent men who struggle—like Joseph, foster father of Jesus—to be the best father possible.

There are many stories of fathers trying to get custody of their sons through the courts only to have them left with the enduring impression that the justice system is prejudiced against them: the court trusts mothers not fathers. These are often good fathers spited by their ex-spouses/girlfriends who use their children as a weapon of domestic warfare.

We need to affirm the good fathers of our society, starting with Father’s Day celebrations in parishes, which are often done with less gusto, planning and expense compared with Mother’s Day.

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