A flood of Christmas lights for Grande*
January 4, 2019
VG: ‘Holy Innocents’ shouldn’t be cosmetic
January 4, 2019

Wise men wanted: apply within

Welcome to 2019 and the official end of the Christmas season. After today, when the carols have been stilled, the parang and parang soca shelved, the Christmas trees either repacked in boxes or hidden under garbage bags, and we are back to our regular work schedules, the true work of Christmas begins.

The readings today present us with a mix of the politics of that era with the desperation of King Herod, and the stark contrast of the three wise men who, even with all they possessed, longed only for an encounter with Jesus, and having had that encounter, listened to the counsel of their dreams, avoided Herod and returned to their country by a different route.

As we examine our wider society and our own parishes, we too must seek to identify the wise men and women in our midst, those who are prepared to travel long journeys, speak truth to power, and give all that they possess to Jesus.

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