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January 4, 2019
The Epiphany of the Lord (C)
January 4, 2019

We need trust


In his Christmas message to the diocese, the bishop of St George’s-in-Grenada invited citizens to hear and consider God’s invitation to trust one another especially in 2019 and beyond, just as God trusted us with His Son, with Himself.

“…God has trusted us with God’s very being in Jesus Christ. We are not worthy of that trust. We will not be worthy of that trust. He does it simply because He loves us. Through that trust, we come to share His life, eternal life. We too must trust one another….” Bishop Clyde Harvey wrote in the diocese’s Catholic Focus.

Bishop Harvey maintained we need trust; our families need trust; our work environment depends on it and Grenada will not survive without it. Trust begins in the home, he said “When a parent leads a child by the hand to where she does not know, when confidences are shared….” Trust, he said enables us to make commitments.

He used biblical stories as examples of trust in God including when God called Abraham out of Ur in the Chaldees, and Moses from his father-in-law’s shepherding.

“It is the story of early Christian believers trusting one another enough to put everything one had in the hands of one’s community.  From such trust in God and human beings came the great resilient nation of Israel and the early Christian communities in which the Spirit was powerfully manifest,” he said.

Cognisant that in today’s world, some may consider trusting others “crazy”, Bishop Harvey believed there is no trust without trustworthiness. He explained, “If our society is to know trust, some or even all of us must seek to become more and more trustworthy every day. We must challenge our leaders, including religious leaders, to be people whom we can trust.”

He added, persons seeking to find trust in their community must encourage others to be trustworthy in everything, great and small. “If Grenada is to grow from strength to strength, we must build the next generation of trustworthy people,” he said.