‘ManU’ not united

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January 2, 2019
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January 2, 2019

‘ManU’ not united

Dismissed Manchester United manager/coach, Jose Mourinho.

Fans of English football club giants, Manchester United (ManU) have been going through some periods of great disappointment this season.

It is difficult to understand the current mediocrity of this football institution which has been rated as probably the most popular football club in the world.

While the fans are stressed over the poor results, the team manager Jose Mourinho could offer no reason for the confusing state of his team which possesses some of the highest paid players in world football.

It will be right to assume that their fantastic marketing programme across the world may well be on the verge of financial difficulty, especially as there seems to be differences of opinion between the coaching staff and the players.

The management of the club must be wondering how to stop the disappointing performances on the field and maybe change the mood in the dressing room.

Former players are expressing in no uncertain manner their concerns on the deteriorating communication between players and the coach, a problem which  has not been admitted to the public.

As I watched the team’s humiliation by Liverpool on December 16, the final result was much more than just a defeat 3-1, but more reflective of problems off the field.

I am reluctant to even admit that the players are not giving of their best because of the disunity. It was pathetic to see the team selection for the Liverpool match, the key match that weekend, and realise that players like Valencia, Smalling, Mata, Sanchez, Pogba, Matic and Martial are all on the substitute benches.

Most of the comments by the TV experts implied that there was more than met the eyes and the attitude of the players on the field was the main reason.

Liverpool, on the other hand was fully in control because of their organised display of structured strategy, which included tough tackling, resilience in their method of attack and most of all their cohesive midfield performance, a feature which has resulted in their position at the top of the table.

Most were expecting the eventual dismissal of coach Mourinho, but there is more merit in having some dialogue among the group in order to seek repair of the damage.

There is no simple answer to this dilemma and the shortest distance to repair should be making a demand for more professional commitment from the players themselves.

There are numerous lessons which can be learnt from the destruction of quality play by a team whose ability to change the strategy of their game on many occasions and bring renewed vigour to their fans.

During this period of the English Premier League there has often been surprising results, but not too often have we seen mediocrity from such a top team in the league.

Let us hope that the Christmas/New Year season and the interim coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will help revive the enthusiasm of all and bring some improved performances and positive results from ManU.

Finally, here is a wish from me and my family to all my readers, a happy, holy, and prayerful Christmas season. May we all enter 2019 with prosperity and productivity in every aspect of our lives.