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December 17, 2018
‘Called to Serve’
December 17, 2018

Library for socially displaced*

The refurbished library of the Centre for Socially Displaced Persons, Town Council Street, East Dry River was opened in a simple ceremony December 11.

The project was possible through the investment from the Digicel Foundation. Rudolph Boneo, president of the Society of St Vincent de Paul, which manages the facility, said Digicel’s “stepping up” was in recognition of the work being done and how it benefits the community.

Much of the work done by the NGO is through assistance from “corporate Trinidad”. Boneo said the CSDP had some computers in the library and they could now do activities which were not done before.

Centre Manager, Roger Watson said there was a photo of Archbishop Jason Gordon in the library, recalling that one of his first acts as Archbishop was to visit the Centre. There is also Anthony Arrindell, one of the founders of the Homeless Committee, to honour his “tremendous work” at the Centre.

Diana Mathura, project coordinator, Digicel Foundation, was honoured to be part of the transformation. “I know it will make a great difference in your lives and help in the process of reintegration.” She hoped they make full use of the library and programmes conducted. Mathura said Digicel wanted to continue to partner with SVP and look for new ways to enhance this relationship.

Speaking on behalf of clients of the Centre, ‘Roy’ said they were genuinely thankful and appreciative of what has been done and to show this they would maintain the library.

Matura presented Boneo with a plaque from the Digicel Foundation. The ribbon cutting to officially open the library followed.

Nancy Cross, at the CSDP for three months, told the Catholic News she was excited about the opening. She helped to arrange the books on shelves and looked forward to working in the library. “I just love it,” she said.

The centre was opened on the June 14, 1991. It provides accommodation for persons including the homeless, elderly, living with addiction and mental illness, and HIV positive. – LPG