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December 13, 2018
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December 13, 2018

Archbishop Rivas calls for tolerance

Screen grab of Archbishop Rivas speaking with MBC News


Archbishop Robert Rivas of Castries is preaching tolerance towards members of the LGBTQ Community. He has urged that persons be more compassionate and understanding to homosexuals.

He also echoed the sentiments of Pope Francis’s statements where he showed empathy towards the Community. “We need mercy in our world. God’s mercy is infinite and we should be merciful and also we should be very compassionate and understanding. The Church does not condone sin but the Church speaks to the sinner and calls the sinner to convert to repentance and also respect the individual,” the Archbishop said in an interview with a local news company MBC News. The interview can be viewed here:

In the two-minute video clip, Archbishop Rivas said that the moral issue regarding what is right and wrong will always exist. He added that one must use all their gifts available from sciences, moral theology, faith and scriptures to help and embrace people.

Archbishop Rivas, who is currently in Trinidad recovering from recent surgery, told Catholic News that each diocese will have workshops organised by the AEC’s Family Life Commission to help clergy understand how to deal with “new” moral issues that are emerging.

“We [the St Lucia archdiocese] are planning something for 2019….It’s something we need to be reflecting on. We need to discern, and we cannot condemn people,” he said.