A spirituality of stewardship can increase vocations     
December 7, 2018
Connell remembers his decades of serving
December 7, 2018

The world is mine

Soon we will all be caught up in pre-Christmas activities, shopping for gifts for children, loved ones, family and friends. Parties of all sorts will crowd our social calendars and limes galore, given the society we have become. Gay abandon…have a good time regardless.

It is a known fact that we are generally a generous people, who are always willing to help out those in distress, whether it be the result of a national disaster or poor people who need medical help. So, helping out is almost always on our radars.

This Christmas I want to place some focus on those people who suffer with some of life’s disabilities and while sometimes their incapacities stem from certain life situations or caused by accidents of various kinds, they live very tough lives and some thought should be given to these people.

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