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November 16, 2018
Santa Rosa hosts first of its kind visit
November 16, 2018

Rosary mission in schools


Members of the Holy Rosary Project travelled to the Toledo District—the southernmost district and least developed region in Belize to teach the rosary at various schools late September.

The purpose of the sessions was for students to have a better understanding of the history and meaning of the rosary, a better grasp of their Catholic faith and enlighten teachers on how to better motivate students and provide a deeper insight into how to pray.

Diocesan monthly Christian Herald reported that principals, teachers and students eagerly awaited the rosary sessions. The first school taught was St Benedict RC.

The Holy Rosary project was designed and implemented by two participants of St Joseph RC Parish—Thomasita Asevedo and her niece Manuela Lue.

The project had the full blessing and support of Bishop Osmond Peter Martin DD (deceased) who formally commissioned its implementation in 2006. Following the passing of Bishop Martin, Asevedo visited Bishop Dorick Wright to apprise him of the school project activities. Bishop Wright stated that he knew of Bishop Martin’s endorsement of the school rosary project and thereupon fully supported the continuation of the project.

At the September visit, the rosary team visited St Peter Claver RC, Punta Gorda Town and San Marcos RC, San Marcos village. During the second week of October, Asevedo and Lue taught at Little Flower RC, Indian Creek RC, Saint Philip RC and Big Falls RC.

“The students sang beautiful Marian hymns. The principals and teachers reported that they enjoyed the rosary sessions and that they found the rosary sessions to be inspirational,” the report said.

The article stated that students listened attentively and participated in the prayers as they were called to the front of the class to pray a decade of the rosary.

The large rosary left for each principal, which was used in the teaching sessions, helped the students to visualise how to use the rosary beads as the prayers were being said. “The teachers in the Infant classes were grateful for the rosary CD that was left for their use in their classrooms. The rosary leaflets and teachers’ packages with Catholic sacramentals, leaflets and prayer booklets helped the teachers to revive their classes as the students became more eager to pray the rosary after the rosary sessions were over.”

During the rosary activities, students prayed for their school, families, community, bishops, priests, deacons, sisters, for the leaders of Belize, the entire country and for the volunteers and donors of the rosary mission. Overall, the report added, the sessions were fruitful and helped the participants to grow in their faith.