Providence girls, St Francis boys lunch with Archbishop*
November 14, 2018
Give God your best
November 16, 2018

Poverty, anyone?

There is not a soul on earth who wants to be poor; and none of us was created in order to endure poverty. Deprivation, indignity, suffering and alienation from a world that promotes and glamorises wealth, whatever its source, are the lot of the poor.

On the day on which the Church observes the Second World Day of the Poor, some may choose to pretend that we are unconnected to the poor, that they deserve to exist as they do or we may shake our heads in dismay at the extent of a problem which our puny efforts can hardly even begin to rectify.

Our neighbours in Venezuela join our brothers in Haiti and our cousins in Honduras in the daily search for food that will enable them to subsist.  While we lament their plight, we cannot ignore the families in our own country who contend, on a daily basis, with malnutrition, increasing ill health, anxiety over poor educational outcomes for their disadvantaged children and gloomy employment prospects. There seems to be no way out, no light ahead for these people who share our status as children of God.

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