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November 7, 2018
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November 7, 2018

Soul searching

Socrates: A “wise soul” regulates the body and its desires.

The concept of soul has preoccupied major thinkers throughout the centuries, before Christ was born. An understanding was sought on what constitutes soul, and how this ‘soul’ impacts or enhances what we understand the human being as. In this two-part series, Catholic News copy editor/writer Simone Delochan will first look at the interesting ways the concept of soul has been philosophised, and then the Catholic understanding of soul.

People often speak blithely about their souls: we have soulmates (we think); Trinis try not to “soil/sin their souls”; we make half-jokes about people selling their souls to the devil.

Perhaps it is imagined as a nebulous white, floating mist that inhabits the body. The thread that runs through however, is the indication of ‘soul’ as some higher, purer part of self that we want to retain and protect. It is an acknowledged depth of who we are—more than animated pieces of flesh.

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