Motivation is the key
November 7, 2018
Church in solidarity with those on the fringes
November 7, 2018

Our connection to mission

The overwhelming generosity shown during the recent flood by so many sections of the national community was truly a heartening sign for those of us grown weary with hearing of the divisiveness and fractious state of Trinbagonian democracy in this part of the 21st century.

Equally heartening was the sense of solidarity and shared grief expressed by wide sections of the public as the country mourned the recent passing of notable figures—icons—from the world of entertainment: Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore, the Mighty Shadow (Winston Bailey) and the ‘Original de Fosto Himself’ (Winston Scarborough).

The Gospel reading of this weekend however, presents us with a critique that Jesus makes regarding the behaviour of prominent religious figures of His time, behaviour that stands in stark contrast to the Catholic vision of a society of well-connected individuals.

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