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November 4, 2018
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November 4, 2018

Trevlon’s positives

Trevlon Hall

Experience dictates that the true art of storytelling is to start with the end in mind—you must simply find great stories. I am pressed for time and my editor has already sent me a note reminding me that I have a deliverable date in two and a half days. I try not to panic. Should I miss this month, or press on as my favourite quote to my kids states; ‘when a task has just begun never leave it till it’s done, be the labour great or small, do it well, or not at all’? I decide to do it exceptionally well.

I am excited to share a gem with my readers on a person whom I have known for many years and consider a member of my small and inspired inner circle. He captivates you from the moment you meet him with his vision, creativity and definitive purpose.

He is sure of himself, supremely talented and carves a niche in a way that only a self-taught artist can. Trevlon Hall, in summary is an energy alchemist; his positive energy transforms everything he touches.

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