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October 6, 2018
27th Sunday of OT (B)
October 6, 2018

Bishop Charles’ truth placed before God

The bishop of St George’s, Grenada reminded mourners that they gather not as a grieving community, but as a grateful assembly to give thanks for a wonderful human being, a son of parents who must be well-pleased, a man of God, a priest and bishop of Christ’s Church and a citizen of two soils in one Caribbean Sea— Bishop Sydney Anicetus Charles.

“…I have been told by many people, ‘Bishop accept my sympathy’. The word sympathy means literally ‘to feel with’. If you say accept my sympathy that means that you feel some pain and grief that you think I am feeling. I can make bold to say keep your sympathy because it is yours, not mine,” Bishop Clyde Harvey declared, in his homily for the Mass of Christian Burial for the third bishop of the diocese Friday, September 28 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Bishop Harvey said that every moment of dying is a process of “searing” truth. Those that have walked with people in the valley of the shadows know that the gift of that moment is to see yourself as God sees you. He observed though eulogies sometimes focus on the “strangest of things”, when we die, the only thing that matters is our truth before God.

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