Decriminalise it, not legalise
October 6, 2018
Faith in God and self – not Petrotrin
October 6, 2018

A crisis of trust

Divorces are never easy. Other than the divorcing couple, there are many other persons who are also hurt in the process. It must have been difficult therefore, even for Moses, to concede to the stubbornness of his people’s heart and allow divorces.

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus hits the nail on the head when He brings a child before the crowd and challenges them to become like children again, identifying the need for us to trust implicitly in His Kingdom, as the antidote to that stubbornness.

There is a crisis of trust in Trinidad and Tobago today. The trust of workers has been betrayed by many employers and union leaders. The trust of the electorate has been broken by elected officials from all sides of the political bench. The trust of the citizenry has repeatedly been shattered by errant members of the Police Service and an inequitable Judicial system.

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