Church communicators must stand in solidarity
September 7, 2018
Nuncio presents credentials, visits Cathedral
September 9, 2018

A new logo of love and life

Our new logo was created in an effort to identify with the needs of our clients and future clients. ‘Love, natural, and empowerment’ are the words that come to mind when one understands what the Method represents and how to live out the Billings ‘way of life’.

The logo portrays the ‘love’ the Billings Ovulation Method® can bring about in the lives of those who believe in and practise it. The child in the arms of the mother is a sign of this, but importantly also representing love is the presence of the father.

The Method can only be practised for family planning purposes with a male and female and the fruit of their love is that of the child. Love and life go hand in hand. The pink line moving from the mother to the child is the life the mother gives to child.

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