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September 7, 2018
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September 9, 2018

A new logo of love and life

Our new logo was created in an effort to identify with the needs of our clients and future clients. ‘Love, natural, and empowerment’ are the words that come to mind when one understands what the Method represents and how to live out the Billings ‘way of life’.

The logo portrays the ‘love’ the Billings Ovulation Method® can bring about in the lives of those who believe in and practise it. The child in the arms of the mother is a sign of this, but importantly also representing love is the presence of the father.

The Method can only be practised for family planning purposes with a male and female and the fruit of their love is that of the child. Love and life go hand in hand. The pink line moving from the mother to the child is the life the mother gives to child.

The logo represents, in the form of the tree, the ‘natural’ beauty of the Method with no drugs or devices required to use it to regulate fertility. Many persons are now looking for more natural foods, and more natural treatments to ailments, so why not use a more natural way to regulate one’s fertility?

Dr James B Brown, one of the doctors who developed the contraceptive pill eventually distanced himself from Dr Pincus, the mastermind behind this pill. Dr Brown was “seriously disturbed” by what the hormones in the contraceptive pill were doing to women’s normal reproductive cycle. He left Dr Pincus’ pill development and joined Dr John Billings in developing the Ovulation Method.

We believe that had this Method been promoted in the 1960s instead of the contraception-based  society we know of today, everyone would currently know about the Billings Ovulation Method® in better detail.

The unfortunate truth is that many still do not know very much about this Method. Those that say they do may or may not know the authentic Method. Some know varied or altered versions of the Method which has diminished its credibility.

The logo also represents ‘empowerment’ through the large roots which shows the strength on which the tree will stand. The Billings Ovulation Method® is the most studied or examined method of family planning in the world to date. This method has been trialled by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is currently in the health-care system in China. It was in China when the Method was introduced that the beauty of the Method shone where the abortion rates in a particular part of the country lowered significantly as a result of its use.

The logo also emphasises the menstrual cycle. It starts with the red tips of the roots, moving into the infertile phase of the woman’s cycle then going higher up the tree into the trunk. At the top of the tree are green leaves representing the fertile phase and the red leaves are when fruits (babies) bear during this time.

Ovulation is a sign of reproductive health. By learning the Billings Method, women can observe patterns of fertility and infertility and know if their reproductive system is healthy or not. The logo shows a healthy reproductive system where ovulation occurs naturally during the fertile time, represented by the leaves.

The ‘gentle’ discipline of practising the Billings Ovulation Method® can have far-reaching effects in our society. It can create peace and harmony in the home where husband and wife decide to use this natural method that does not give the woman side-effects that can hamper their lives, that costs little to no money, that is so simple yet highly effective once taught and practised properly.

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