Your lives may rock… But God is stable
August 31, 2018
Quake damage at RC schools
August 31, 2018

Who and what are we?

Heart trumps verbal hypocrisy: the Gospels make clear the primacy of love. But, this truth can easily get lost.

We learn today to define ourselves by the prescriptions of New Age ‘enlightenment’ Pharisaic gurus who do not necessarily share authentic light, but manipulate traditional learnings without acknowledging the source and power of true wisdom. As citizens in the thought and action ‘spaces’ of today, we are imaging ourselves by the reflections of the all-encompassing media.

Our worldview, informed by ‘enlightened’ culture is really only narrowly defined by the quasi-reality of tweets, knee-jerk posts and streams which often invade the privacy of the subjects, as well as of the recipients. Yet, to what extent should we allow these thoughts and images to influence our actions? Who are the thought leaders, the power brokers who influence the dialogue with the surrounding culture? How opportune is this moment in history when we can tune in to the Word of God, the Son of God and Son of Man who more fully illumines our minds, beyond mere tradition and prescriptions to transform what comes out of us!

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