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August 31, 2018
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August 31, 2018

Some thoughts on CPL

Mark Chapman,  New Zealand batsman plays for the St Lucia stars in CPL 2018. Photo from sportsmax.tv

There are a couple of things that strike me in this HERO Caribbean Premier League (CPL) tournament that are either good or bad for West Indian cricket.  In the Indian Premier League (IPL) only four non-Indian players are allowed to play in any one game.  In the Big Bash in Australia only two can play at a time.  There are sound reasons for this.  One might say that it is the foreign superstar who is going to draw the crowd and so be it; there is nothing wrong with that but there must be a limit.

For instance has any cricket fan stopped to wonder why Indian players are not involved in any t20 competitions in the world except their own? Why is Virat Kohli or Ravichandran Ashwin or any of the India star performers like Ishant Sharma not involved?  It is because they are banned by the Board of Control for Cricket in India from taking up t20 contracts outside of India.  These officials see it as diluting the effect of their players in their very own competition.  They also have a rule that at least two cricketers on a team must be youngsters, I believe the age is under 21, from the local state.  This is to help with the development of young local players.

It is something good to have top-class foreign players supplementing the local franchise but two things come to mind.  Firstly, the players must be top class and not the average type, there are too many ordinary, below-average cricketers included in the CPL who can’t pass as crowd pullers.  And secondly, there ought to be an age restriction on the young, foreign players given contracts excluding those under 25 for instance. Those youngsters gain from the exposure plus the experience of playing in the West Indies which will benefit their country and not the West Indies.  Hence it will be detrimental to Caribbean cricket in the long run.

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